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February 13, 2013


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It's about doggoned time! (cue the firebell and siren...)

Its ok for restaurants of the past to stay dead and gone... Yaws should have heeded this... Nostalgia does not pay the rent..... cue toilet john.

Who cares! This place was a dump!

This rumor has been floating around for at least a couple of years. I think it was started by the people who now own the Farrell's name down in Californicated.

this one is for thomas>> i tried them once and didnt care for them, now thomas tell me that farrells cant be beat?

Farrell's hit the nail on the head, they have about 5 or 6 locations now. Yaw's on the other hand should try and figure things out a bit more. they want nostalgia at yaws but I guess that means they didn't pay employees back in the day right? oh and just read the reviews on YELP. especially the filtered reviews at the bottom. The reviews on YELP speak for themselves! I don't need to say anymore about that!

If Yelp reviews speak for themselves, go look at the reveiws for Stanich's, Killer Burger, Five Guys, Skyline Burger, just a few. Most of the hatred that is spewed out there nowadays means they are all shutting down!

Yelp has a problem. The positive reviews get stuck in the Yelp filter and the negative stuff, written by people like UrbanJerk get featured. Yelp is becoming another corrupt online review site and hence losing any value it ever had.

the thing about yelp and other pages like it, no one knows for sure if the review is legit or not! lets face it people like chuckie are everywhere! there is no positive proof what so ever about any online service like them are accurate! anyone can say any thing about anyone, whether its true or not! kind like another message board we know!


This back and forth has become tiresome but more so, it provides no entertainment to the readers of Dave's blog. People who come here want to see what people have to say but they don't care about feuds. When it spreads to a discussion about an historic restaurant it has gone too far.

Therefore, I'm out. You may declare yourself the winner but I have no more to say to you.

Sorry JO, its not that easy. You have insulted numerous posters on this board. and if you continue to call them names instead of making reasonable intelligent responses to whatever they are discussing, you will always get a "butt post" reply from me. You need to show some manners and courtesy. thats all i'm going to say to you for now

Case Closed!

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