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April 07, 2013


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The Maverick episodes that Starred Garner are still some of the best TV ever...certainly the best western ever.

Absolutely the greatest actor of his - or any other - era. He can play anything and make it look so easy and natural that critics used to pan his work and say, "He's just playing himself." As a Garner fan since Maverick, I wondered how professional critics could be so BLIND! At least they've wised up now and have given him at least some of the credit he deserves.

Not only a great actor, but a great person, husband, father and friend. They really don't make 'em like this anymore.

Happy Birthday, Jim! And many more.

Happy birthday Jimmy! I was watching the Rockford Files movies last night and I was floored by how effortlessly Mr. Garner slipped back into the role of Jim Rockford almost 15 years later. What a show and what an actor.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Garner. You have given many people years of quality entertainment. I admire your high standards and your kind and generous heart. Take care of yourself.

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