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April 01, 2016


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Reminds me of the old Doug Baker (Bakers Dozen)

I hope you feel better now with all that off your chest. It is the weekend!!

I hate western music but listen to Mike & Amy

Dano, that ain't "western" music...It's today's country. I'd rather have George Strait anytime. (Haven't heard 'em, but I understand Mike and Amy are very good. The Wolf is my oldest son's station of choice since he moved to Beaverton a couple of months ago.) Attention Mr. Stump: before clicking on this page, I looked at OregonLive's top chains the Portland area wished for, and found that In-N-Out is getting closer...One appears to be in the works for Grants Pass!

I dunno if i'm more stoked about the shout-out I got or the fact that my pals Miles made the Friday Surprise too! Thanks!!!!

Wow! Kate Brown in a landslide. Now there's a real prediction. In fact, the only way Brown could lose is if she re-registered and ran as a Republican. Oregon has become deep, dark blue. Except for the 2nd CD, Republicans have no chance of getting elected in Oregon.

western music? so you prefer eastern music? northern music?

Verde is addictive. It is so good. We are glad you gave them a nice shout out.
Jim & Ann

Great Rant & Rave, Dave, I agree with you re Kate Brown, whats not to like! Looks like Strumpet is carrying on the his pa's barbering ability, still clipping those creepub/creeparty suckers.

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