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April 06, 2016


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Not many customers in there

Spike's has just opened with no advertising. I'm not even sure his sign is up yet. It's great. Try it and dress the dog your way.

Loved The Original Coney Island downtown, Nick's when Frank was there, the little stand in Milwaukie. I will visit this one next week,

How does his dog compare to Roakes' Foot Long Coney? I LOVE them things!

Roakes is great, no question. The sauce at Spikes has a sweeter cut to it and with the fixins bar you can really dress it up

Remember a hot dog in a bun with mustard. Still like them that way

love the roakes 12" coney with hot chilli sauce and onions!

What kind of dogs? I mean, what kind of meat, what kind of casing (important!), etc. Thanks for the tip, BTW. I'm from NYC and I'm always looking for a great hot dog. Even though I LOVE New York street, dirty water, hot dogs, New York also has some superb higher end dogs at delis, etc. so, once again, thanks. I'm goin' there for lunch today!! (And I can't wait!).


Mr Stump, you are to be seriously commended for your carrying on your family tradition working for the good of the community we live in in a myriad of ways: giving shout outs to new and quality businesses in Stumptown and the surroundng area. posts like this are why i will always look to the blog to learn new things. you are the online equivant to the Bathroom Reader, another great Oregon business, which is always ahhhhhhhhh inspiring. As for Dogs, the one the only Nicks Coney Island on Hawthorne. Great dogs and verbal abuse.


You just made me hungry for a coney dog at 9:55a in the morning. Kind of reminds me of the corn dogs and double cheese burgers we used to get delivered from Vans on a Sunday morning.

Michael Ray

Thanks Mr. Stump—stopped by this evening and it was delicious. You're right—many, many options to dress it up—and it was all fresh, even at 7:45 on a Sunday night. Thanks for the recommendation!

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