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April 22, 2016


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Hales is bad news. Ted has mogul money. It's a hobby. I enjoy Friday Suprise

Joey Harrington? Hope he has more success on TV than throwing the ball in NFL.

Burgers? Best in my book is Killer Burger on Sandy. Mayor Fails, great one, Took me a second.

Killer burger is great and opening in Eugene. Portlands Mayor is really bad news.

Then maybe you should "Bookim' Dano

Skyline burger still ranks #1. You can have all the neovo burger places that throw gimmicks under the bun, gibe me a Skyliner any day of the week.

Pilot Butte Burger in Bend knocks your tastes buds out of control. Enjoy your blogging. Have any pics of Bill's Gold Coin?

Stanich's 10-1

Love the “Friday Surprise” column! A few thoughts…

With the marginalization of sports on local TV newscasts Joe Becker is getting out at the right time. It dawned on me one day that he had been eliminated from weekday newscasts. Joe himself said in Tribune article that most people get their sports news now from the internet.

Recent decisions at KGW makes one wonder On the few Harrington segments I’ve seen he has very low energy and little TV presence. Also the new weather guy Brian Brennan comes across more like someone you would see in a small market like Medford than in a TV market the size of Portland.

Recent job ads for lifestyle producer indicates KATU may be producing a local afternoon show. Has Mr. stumps heard any rumblings? KOIN tried this not long ago and it was a huge failure. Can’t knock them for trying though.

No buzz on my end about a new local show. Harrington needs work but he's smart and will get it.

I'll go along with Gerry. Skyline burgers have been the best in the Portland area for a long time and remain the best.

Surely you jest, Gent. Stanich's burgers are the most over hyped pieces of crap that come on a bun anywhere. I used to date a gal who thought that Stanich's burgers were heaven on bread. She used to force me to go there every other week or so and I had to grin and bear it.

I saw another spot for Wheeler on KPTV this morning. But nothing compares to those spots for Dr. Bud where he tries to claim that Alvin Alley is a political insider and you should vote for Bud because he was a Marine. Whoever made that spot for him should get out of politics. It is the most amateurish piece of political tripe yet.

If you like Jerry Moran's "Fair Tax" and the abolition of the IRS, you should probably be supporting Cruz over tRumpty Dumpty. The combover likes the IRS and wants to create a progressive system of taxation where success is a bad word.

What I've seen so far from Harrington -- meh. He has much improving to do before he's ready for prime time.

Gotta love Stump and his usually wrong speculation about a dealer selling out.... LOL!!!!

What I miss are the unsung places of the 60's and 70's that were seemingly everywhere like Bell's Burgers, Robin's Burgers, Arctic Circle, Castle Burgers, Circus Burger, Terry's Burgers and Fish with their Monster Burger. Yaws Top Notch And Then there was Estacada's Monster Burger, Plenty more others that were better then the current McD's. You really had no need for a $10 burger to eat great back then, or what ever the equivalent would be. Banks even had "the BANKS Burger". And there were many more. The high end burgers are good, but wow they are lot and are typically messy.

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