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June 17, 2016


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Pelican Brewing is the best new thing to happen in Cannon Beach. Food and service was very good.

That's $38,000 average a minute to hear what Buffett has to say.

I'm sure the Pelican Brewery is very good, but it makes me nostalgic for the 50's and 60's when the coast was the boonies, might as well have been Alaska! There was NOTHING in the way of "fancy" dining or accommodations, the Pixie Kitchen was where it's at along with the Pig N' Blanket in Seaside for my family!
I guess it's just fondness for my youth, but I miss Japanese glass floats, beach fires, amusement galleries and such.
The ferry boats and Long Beach in Washington. The gray ,sort of rough Astoria, the canneries and the fishing fleet. The Peter Iredale still had it's bowsprit.
The coast was still mostly undeveloped then. just driving there through the Tillamook burn was an adventure!
My Dad considered buying beach lots in Cannon beach for $100 then! It was too expensive.

Lot now is 1.3 million

First comment I have made on this. The measure will save the schools and fund the retirement plan which my wife is on. I will be voting yes. You are very negative on Unions.

ZO: You and your wife are EVERYTHING that is wrong with Oregon. A public scumbag employee that gets money from me the tax payer who has to make my own retirement. Whoever designed the PERS program should go up against a firing squad

More money for schools is not the answer. The entire systems needs a good enema.

IP28 has been described as a sales tax on steroids, and that's an understatement.

Better Oregon, the bill's ironically-named sponsor, which is, in fact, the Oregon Education Association in disguise, claims the bill would tap a tiny portion of Oregon businesses while giving a huge revenue boost to cash-strapped public education, health care, and senior services.

The non-partisan Oregon Legislative Revenue Office however disagrees.Rather than raising taxes on the rich and large businesses, the bill results in more than 38,000 private sector jobs losses. The LRO says the accompanying price increases hurt small and medium-sized businesses and consumers, particularly people earning less than $21,000 a year.

There you have it. The claims by the left-wing jerks who want to make Oregon the worst the place in the country to do business, and a non-partisan report from the Legislative Revenue Office. And that legislature is, by the way, controlled by the left-wing Democrat Party.

Glad to see the Blazers get rid of that homer Barrett and Rice the drunk.... Calabro is big time.

wait what? I thought all the lottery money was gonna save the schools? what happened to all that money?

Zo, how is it possible to be positive on unions?

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