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July 29, 2016


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Hunan is a tasty venue.

The Target store downtown is never busy. I can see that location going dark. Hope Gov Brown looses the election. I liked her up until not voicing her opinion on the tax.

Sorry Dave and Allen, but Kate brown is here to stay...at least for another two, and probably six, years. Oregon is so deep, dark navy blue that anytime a Republican gets elected statewide, it'll be a fluke.

Have been viewing the Blogger about a month. Really enjoy the pictures and stories. Unfortunately it is ruined by someone,
( A die hard Republican ) who offers nothing but one sided politics. I would like to see all politics not be allowed in the blogger and only the interesting items shown. Thank You

Joelin-I read the election is tied. A friend that is connected to the GOP Oregon party told me that they smell blood in the waters and money is going to pour in for Pierce. She wouldn be ahead for 15 points if she had the balls to speak out against the sales tax invented by Union thugs who happen to own her.

S Allen: There is a possibility that the Gov may "lose" the election, but not to any of the "loose" cannons running against her.

Grow a set Doug Miller. The political subjects posted here are far and few in between.....

Who care's if Macy's, Target and Nordies' bolt from downtown... Who wants to shop or visit downtown these days, with all the filthy scumbag homeless and drug dealers owning the streets.

I'm voting for Johnson.

S. Allen, if all those businesses bolt, think of how much shelter space that would create! 😎

s. allen he died in 1973!


It's the position of the Oregon Republican Party to smell blood in the water, they always smell blood in the water, they have lost every gubernatorial race in the last 30 years. The only reason that Bud Pierce is the ORP candidate for governor this year is that no other Republican was interested enough to run a campaign.

Republicans have lost every US Senate election in Oregon since Ron Wyden replaced Bob Packwood in 1996. The last time a Republican won an Oregon Congressional District, other than the 2nd, was in 1989. The last Republican to win a statewide office in Oregon was Jack Roberts and he was elected Labor Commissioner as a non-partisan.

Republicans do not win in Oregon and haven't for years.

JIP: and so it goes

Can we resurrect Pat Paulsen? Alfred E Newman?

Doug Miller.. We do get varied opinions here, and if your comment refers to JoelinPDX, i find him better informed than most, i enjoy, not always agree with, his commentary. As for "filthy homeless and drug dealers", i have been both in my day, paid my bills, and youd never have known. Welcome to the Blogger.

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