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August 15, 2016


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More than anything, is manafort's inability to keep dumb donnie on message. If you're a democrat, you should love manafort since his goal seems to be the same as dumb donnie's. That is to get the Ds back in control of the US Senate and possibly even the US House.

dumb donnie and manafort really don't care if donnie is elected. So long as they can so ruin the reputation of all Republicans, they'll be happy as a witch in a broom factory if they can just screw over the Rs.

dumb donnie has been a liberal for years. Why should anyone expect him to be anything else?

"What's the count?"

LMAO!. .you're insane. . . . although you got the "dumb donnie" part right.

Sure john, just ignore that hilly and billy are dumb donnie's BFFs. You may remember that hilly was seated right behind the happy couple when donnie married melania? Or ignore that donnie was a major donor to Ds over the years and a significant donor to the Ds efforts to retain control of the US Senate in 2010.

Maybe you haven't been paying attention when donnie announced his support of Scotland's system of socialized medicine and suggested that the US needed to emulate it? Or how about when donnie praised the individual mandate that is obozocare?

Yeah, he's an uber-liberal. He sure isn't a conservative.

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