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December 18, 2016


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yes, but they are all junk! 30+ years ago things were built to last, and because they were not cheap, people kept them longer and even had them repaired! my first tv lasted 16 years, I had it repaired a few times, then bought a japaneese tv, with a good reputation, it lasted 20 years! I now have a bigger tv, by a different jappaneese company, but after just 3 years I have red and blue lines on the screen that wont go away, so soon it will be junked! sad the way things have gotten!

Really john? I think you are imagining life as it was in times past. Back then you had your (black & white) TV repaired because it was so expensive to replace. In 1970 a 16-inch color tabletop TV cost $349. In the ad Dave posted you can get double the screen for just $179 now.

Oh, and the buying power of those $349 1970 dollars is $2,066 today. There is simply no comparison. TVs -- in fact, virtually all electronics -- today go for a mere pittance of what they cost 40 years ago.

I bought my first computer in 1983. The computer alone (printer, monitor, software, supplies extra) was $2799. It had no RAM, everything ran off of a 64kb 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. Surely you know how much computer $2799 would buy today.

yes joel as I stated before, all electronics of today including the pos computer I use right now are cheaper! because they are junk! thus I bring up the point they are throwaways! did you miss he meaning of my last post?

Have no clue what gear you are buying John, but my 10 year old Samsung TV is like the day it was turned on, my Apple products never wear out. Quit buying cheap crap pal.

Yes john, I got the point of your whiny post. My TV is ten years old and works just fine. On the other hand, the TVs my parents had went in the shop a couple of times every year to have burnt out tubes replaced. And the fact remains, those TVs went in the shop because replacing them was a costly proposition. That's no longer true.

Sorry that your computer is a POS. It sounds like you need to do a little research before buying your electronics. I got my current computer a year and a half ago because the technology had grown so much in the six years I had my previous computer. I retired it (I actually gave it to some kids) although it was still working fine.

I remember my Uncle bought an early, big console color tv when the only color broadcast shows were Disney & Bonanza. I think it was around $ 1,300 when a new 3 BR house was $ 15,000 and a new Chevy was about the same as a big, color TV.

In 1968 my new XKE was $ 5,000 and a new VW Beatle was $ 1,500.

dingy, my first tv was a Magnavox from denny lindmanns in jantzen beach about 1978 second was a Mitsubishi from stereo super stores about 1989 and my new pos is a Toshiba from video only in 2009

joel, I am on my 4th computer this one was 600 dollars just for the tower, its an asus, according to my son, it was the best deal at the time, but it has issues of freezing up almost daily!


Oh poor john....

oh come on ug, join the conversation! she lost! get over it! oh and he will be re-elected too in 2020!

C'mon john, is don the con going to be your new Beavers?

John: by the way how is your new BF Vladimir. He should be right up at the top of your Fav list along with Rotten Carrot top. the pos' you admire the most.

well he would beat the timbers! but then so would anything else!

ug I don't know any vladimer? sorry!

john, you seem to miss the fact that the Timbers draw more fans in a single game than the Beavers had all season. Why did the Beavers need a 20-thousand seat stadium for the "crowd" of 57 fans at most games?

Even the Mavericks drew better than the Beavers. Give it up, the Beavers are gone because no one was interested in watching a bunch of has been baseball players kick the ball around the infield. The people quite obviously would much rather watch players kick the ball up and down the pitch.

joel, apparently you never went to any games? about 90% of the players for the beavers were young up and coming players! and I don't know where you saw them kicking the ball? (pretty sure that's soccer?) but the fact is the beavers out drew the timbers every year! as I recall math is hard for you so, according to google, the beavers drew an average of 5,900 per home game not counting playoffs or other games, now since the beavers played 72 home games, you can do the math? right? so what it the timbers have 20,000 fans per game? how many games do they play all year? 12? 15??? lol! math is hard!

john, I went to enough Beaver games to know that the stands were virtually empty. 5,900 fans per game, you're delusional.They couldn't even give away that many tickets.

Maybe back in the old days before 1960 they had some good crowds, but never in the more recent times. The official attendance for 2010 was 4,088 per game and that is highly inflated. My eyes don't lie.

Do you even understand why the Beavers failed? Here's a clue: It wasn't because they were packing the grandstand.

Bevo's let people in free thinking they would buy food. They gave thousands of tickets to offices downtown and still it was empty. Some games had 400 people, many that did not pay to get in. The Timbers are the most successful soccer franchise in the country. Sorry to burst Johns bubble but they were dying.

no joel sorry, I cant make that number up! google it for yourself sir!

the crowds delusional john is basing his numbers on was the thirsty Thursday games . Which turned it into Portlands biggest outdoor night club with dollar beers... john was drunk.

I did Google it john. Where do you think I got my number? There's also that little thing about taking my kids to Beaver games and sitting in a vacant grandstand. If you were going to the games -- and apparently you weren't -- you'd know that they never put anything close to 5900 butts in the seats.

Joel: Only when The fake Beach Boys played.

joel this may be my last post to you.... according to GOOGLE the porltand beavers had an average of 5,900 per game!

no lancey! the beavers didn't have a dollar beer night since the 1970's sorry! you lose again!

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