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January 16, 2017


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thanks mr. stump, but you know that zippy and joel and the rest of the trolls on here will freak out right? no matter I remember and so do you! in 10 years nobody will remember the timbers!

Oh oh, Zippy is going to flip out when he see this, Oh and U.G. and Joel and..... And myself as well. I still miss the Beavers too. I never could watch soccer.

Defiantly the good old days.....right john!

john, much to your dismay, I have no problem remembering the glory days of The Beavers. What grates is when people get whiny and bemoan the loss of a failed sports franchise and damn the immense success of another.

Truth to tell, I can't stand soccer. It's a boring, pointless game from my p-o-v. I feel the same way about basketball. So?

I don't need to find some convoluted way to whine again and again about the loss of the Beavers. Live with it, john. The Beavers were washed up. They shopped the team all over town and couldn't sell it. No one wanted it. Not Lents. Not Beaverton. Not even Vancouver.

In ten years no one will remember the Timbers? Tell that to the crowds lined up in the rain to buy tickets.

yes joe cook! a real sport where men do not wear little boys short shorts, and no game ever ended with a tie! let alone a scoreless tie! that's why they call it Americas pastime! lol! ok, getting the popcorn hot dog and beer, and waiting for the clowns to re-post! lol!

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