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January 13, 2017


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--hillary was too ill to serve as president.
--In 1989 don the con said the Central Park Five were guilty of raping a white woman. The five Latino and black teens were falsely accused They were cleared with DNA evidence) but donnie kept making the call to execute them into 2013.
--"Thousands and thousands" of Muslims celebrated in Northern New Jersey as the WTC Towers fell in Manhattan.
--Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered.
--87 percent of white murders are committed by blacks. The San Francisco Crime Bureau cited by dumb donnie doesn't even exist.
--don the con used a picture of a black family in an ad claiming they were his supporters, but the picture was lifted from the website of an Ohio TV station and the family said it didn't support dumb donnie.
--don the con claimed millions of people voted illegally and all of them voted for hillary. dumb donnie used this fake news to claim that hillary didn't beat him in the popular vote count.
--Climate change is a Chinese scam.
--Vaccines cause autism. Please note that don the con has no medical training.
--don the con promoted fake news stories that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were not eligible to run for president. He even threatened to sue under Article XII of the US Constitution. The Constitution has no Article XII.
--don the con Tweeted the fake news that paid protesters, incited by the media, were objecting to his election. A fake news producer admitted that he had created the story dumb donnie promoted.

Plus don the con made these dubious campaign promises:
--don the con will eliminate the federal debt in eight years.
--He's going to balance the budget without touching Social Security, Medicare or other federal entitlements.
--He's going to bring back coal industry jobs.
----He's going to force Mexico to pay for his border wall while deporting 12-million illegal Hispanic aliens.
He's going to grow the economy at a rate of six percent.

It's pretty clear that don the con has no inkling of what the truth is about.

Joel: well stated. he said and did all of these. thanks for taking the time to bring them together once again as a reminder of whom this creature is that our country is facing. I would bet that his gripe about the Central Park five was probably sour grapes.

joel its over 20 million illegals now do you need your binky now?

If this blog is to become a perennial anti-Trump tirade I will rapidly lose interest. Borrrring. There are lots of more interesting places to spend some time online.

And john, you know it's 20 million, how?

Other Dave, Mr. Stump Dave is doing all readers of his blog a major favor. don the con is a total buffoon and in less than a week he's going to be POTUS, That is 100 percent disgusting.

I'm waiting for Trump to assign the alien being held at Area 51 to be the new head of NASA. Why reinvent the wheel when we can have a flying saucer.

OK, I'm convinced, over and out. Just removed Stumptown Blogger from my favorites list.

Wow zippo! You're so uninformed it would be laughable, if it weren't so sad. You do realize that this is Portland. Regardless of the stupidity of the voters nationally, Portland remains a utopia for "libtards" as you call them.

Maybe you need to be moving to Lincoln, Nebraska or Hayes, Kansas if you want to travel only among your own type of loon. 76 percent of Multnomah Country voters balloted for hillary, Washington County cast 59.4 percent for hillary and traditionally right-leaning Clackamas Country cast 49.5 percent of its ballots for hillary. dumb donnie only got 43.4 percent.

Go here to book your train ticket https://www.amtrak.com/tickets-reservations you surely wouldn't want to use modern jets to make your trip back into the early 1900s.

Other Dave: They all say that and come back and peek

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