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January 11, 2017


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Hillary's re-set and Barry's improved flexibility with Russia should help here.

Most reverent Mr Stump i know you will be inundated with snarky comments from the Trumpdicks lurking on your blog! One picture is equal to a thousand words, and you nailed it with this one. keep doing what you do best calling out these trumpsuckers for the treasonous assholes they are and what they did to this country. Cue the trolls!

Tillerson was given an award for his friendship to putin and the soviet union. Now donnie wants to make him Secretary of State. A total fricking joke.

Zip- You haven't seen carnage yet. You are going to despise this creep in six months.

zip you're giving john a run for his money. which one of you is the batshit crazier. its pretty close i think its you. at least john has a sense of humor

Exxon CEO is one slick dick. He used this at least 60 times "I will have to study that to know" (even on the question "Is Putin a dictator"

dumb donnie says he will eliminate the federal budget deficit (Almost $20 trillion) in eight years and accomplish this feat without touching Social Security, Medicare or other federal entitlements. That's just two and a half trillion per year. Good luck donnie.

Wharton is supposed to be a good school for studying economics. don the con apparently skipped all of his econ classes.

thanks ug, I think? but I wonder what have I said that's funny?


don't recall ever saying anything funny on this site? I am 100 serious about everything I post!

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