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January 20, 2017


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lance why would you jump a shark? wouldn't that be dangerous?

lance the typical trumpturd. Poor winner who does the playground bully act quite well.

One can't help but wonder if Elizabeth Warren took the course. Didn't she make a bundle flipping foreclosed houses?

Stole $53 million and is President

Joel, I think whiner is more appropriate.. if one doesn't like the commentary by the OWNER, one can certainly leave!

He will be impeached or quit. This is truly a calamity.

sorry to say he will be a two term potus. the same general electorate will stupidly re elect this turd, past history being the evidence. i didnt think that w would stand a chance for a second term.

You know Gent, I really don't think he's going to be able to take the rejection...at least if it comes as frequently as it has these first few days. His inauguration crowd was far from being number one and he can't take it. He has to claim that it was a record sized gathering. But the Park Service even Tweets the truth and the next day the women's march draws and an equal sized crowd.

He's still erroneously whining about five million illegals who voted and denied him the popular vote victory.

And now, the president of Mexico has told him where to stick it.

For a clown who tried to force the NBC brass to say his show was number one when he'd dropped to number 72 in the ratings, it's turning out to be way too much rejection.

I'm guessing that he's going to quit before his first term is up.

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