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January 10, 2017


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yup! that's all she did! thank God she didn't win!

Actually, it's the Washington Post that's the master of spin... along with the rest of the crooked media.

So the only truth in media is Sean Hannidy right? Thank god we have the media to keep a periscope up this liars ass.

john you dumbass, thats not Hillary that's kellyanne. catchup

Knowing Ann Telnaes of the WaPo, I doubt that's hillary, john. Much more likely don the con and an apt description of the jerk to boot. dumb donnie has lying, deflecting and denying down well.

ug, you amaze me, always with the hate! and swear words! joel, please show me a picture of president trump wearing red lipstick? pretty sure this is Hillary!

john, I was looking at the golden mop. If you knew anything about Ann Telnaes, you'd know that she wouldn't be putting hillary down. It is clear that she, quite rightly, hates dumb donnie. On reassessment, I would agree with UG that she was picturing kellyanne "lightweight" conway.

John....no. It`s his professional apologist Kelleyanne. Keep up.

ok, gonna have to google this kellyanne don't think I know who it is yet! unless its kellyanne keepup? lol!

john google to your hearts desire but if you had taken the time to watch real news even a smidgen in the past month you would know who this slick lying bimbo is. thats why we suggest you CATCHUP john before shooting your mouth off in the wrong direction.

UG, the trouble is that john will Google keywords like "trump should be king" or "our wonderful president-elect". john, as a trumpturd, isn't interested in real news, he'd rather buy into Cruz's father plotting the assassination of JFK.

Joel, john and zippy must be either brothers, twins, or besties. They think very similarly. Trained with lance?

John and zip mustve trained under lance.. or they're all siblings, sharing the same microbrain cell.

Uh jann, You must have me confused with someone else. john and zippy are in the tank trumpturds while I am decidedly not.

zippo, you don't seem to know where the fake news comes from. Here's a clue: It's don the con. The only people who believe donnie's fake news BS are the little-brains who voted for the jerkoff.

jann j..... did you lose your binky? lol!

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