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February 10, 2017


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never heard of them? 3 dollars for a T-bone steak? must be sometime in the 40's you cant even find a good burger for 3 dollars now! lol!

Well John, you are showing your age...so , here is mine.
In the 1940's Bill's started out as a diner...same location.
In 1943 we moved to the Parkrose area and I had a truly
one- foot long hot dog...15 cents !.
Bill's for years had great , great steaks and now it is
a bad hangout for the hoods. Shame, Bill would roll over
in his grave.

thanks sam! so this place is still open then?

fraid so john, right next to an old wigwam

ug.... the hoods? lol! I thought they all hung out at muchos crappos?

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