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February 16, 2017


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don't remember it, but a nice looking 67 fairlane though!

Looks like a dive and not in the neologistic sense of the word.

oh for crying out loud, that's a typo! it should read 57 fairlane! sheesh!

The local mob hangout where OUR version of Tony Soprano ran his numbers, bribed politicians, ran hookers, and did drug deals. All laid out in Phil Stanford's book, "Portland Confidential". between 12th & 13th on Stark. Not sure what's there now.

Even the Station Wagon is a '57.

Nate Zusman had the hottest bar in Stumptown on the corner of 12th & Stark. It was the famous triangular building across from Jakes. McMeniamins has it now and is turning the space into a place that will be called "Zus's". It was first called "Club Mecca" and then the Desert Room where it was known for dressed up Portlander's and high level mob types. It had it all, drinking, gambling, dancing, drinking, a real hook up joint. It peaked in 1957 when Nate Zusman was sent to appear in Washington before Robert Kennedy and his staff on racketeering charges. Back in DC the wisecracking testimony amused the country on national TV. On any good night you could expect to find a good portion of the Portland underworld hanging out in the Desert Room.

Thank you, john, i now know that good typists err, as well. I edit every word, fat, blind finger, the ends up tge, etc.. and any shots of the old Family Zoo bar? My 1st experience with a gay bar, was TOTALLY unprepared!! Now, pfft. L9ve em! Thank you for this, Mr Dave Stump! 😘😘😘

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