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February 11, 2017


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Why doesn't 60 minutes do this story?

Will write the cruise line we have done business with. This article is horrible and I believe it.

Very sad commentary on greed

The minimum wage in Manila equates to approximately eight and a third cents per hour. The guy in the story was making $175 a month in tThe Philippines and with some initiative was making $1500 a month on the ship. He then was promoted to waiting tables where he had the opportunity to make $2000 a month.

He was able to move his family from the hillside shack to a three-bedroom home. No, it isn't an easy life, but it's the life this guy chose for himself and for the good of his family. If he gave up the ship -- a job he fought for, for years -- and returned to The Philippines he couldn't make anywhere near what he was making working on cruise ships.

You only make trouble for yourself when you try to equate inflated US wages with the wages paid in other parts of the world. This is no different than the situation a few years back when Nike was beseeched to pay US wages to its SE Asian workers. In that case, Vietnamese doctors would have given up medicine to make the big bucks in shoes.

This is also a major reason for US offshoring and why the donnie has no chance of creating new US manufacturing jobs. For instance, you'd pay around $2000 for an all US made iPhone.


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