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March 26, 2017


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I don`t remember Chico`s being all that good. Can anyone help me here....there was a pizza joint on Halsey about 115th. Left side of street. Stumbled in there after a night at the Keyhole. Thanks in advance.

Grew up on Mt Tabor. I don't recall anyone that disliked Chico's. For Mt Tabor and Montavilla it was the best thing going.
As a kid I remember parents comparing Shakey's to Chef Boyardee make it yourself Pizza in a box.
I know our neighborhood kept the 82nd and Mill Street store in business for quite a while. Seems like about 20 years.

Chico's main claim to fame was that it delivered...even if it sometimes took two, or more, hours to get your order. The food (Pizza & Chicken) wasn't good, but if you didn't want to go out it was one of your few choices.

The pizza joint Lee Jefferson remembers on NE Halsey would most likely be Geno's Pizza at 10845 NE Halsey, which is no longer open. I don't recall if it was a Chico's before it was Geno's.

lee, that sounds like it was shakeys? never cared for either one, but loved the organ grinder!

Thanks. It was Geno`s. The only Shakeys I remember was on 52/Foster. Late 50`s. Long bench seats. Going for pizza was a treat for us. We lived in NE. Grant area. We didn`t get out much to eat.

I do remember Chico's Pizza at North Portland location. They used to have old player piano in the back of the restaurant. The room was used for large parties.

Later after Chico's Pizza went out of business. Another Northwest pizza chain took over the building. This was Pietro Pizza. After Pietro's left. Some other restaurants tried to make of go of it. But ended up folding later on.

Pizza and personal opinion! Everyone has their favorite and everyone has a don't go there! I have had a lot of pizza in my 70+ years but the absolute best pizza can be had at "Jimmy O's in the Southridge Shopping Center Oregon City! Reasonably priced. Not greasy. If you order one to go be sure and bring a friend because it takes two people to carry it out! They do not scrimp on the toppings!

Green Zebra is now at north Chicos, i believe.Chicos was ok.. Bellagios is the best, in my opinion, i used to manage a pizza store, one of a small chain, in the 80s. And they deliver. All locally sourced,fresh ingredients.

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