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March 19, 2017


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What beautiful penmanship! They used to teach beautiful penmanship and scrolling along with proper grammer and punctuation! Now they don't even teach cursive writing in schools! Just printing! They say you don't need it anymore because nobody uses it! My daughter is a 6th grade school teacher and she wrote "Happy Valentines Day" on the board last month and SHE had to read it to her class and explain it because none of her students had ever been taught to read or write cursive! What a sad thing, when you stop and think about it!

That writing really isn't all that dandy. My father had beautiful handwriting, my mother had a scrawl that was virtually unreadable. Both learned in the days when teachers would take a ruler to your knuckles if you weren't doing a good enough job.

I also went through the cursive writing exercises, but determined that my printing was much more legible in around seventh grade. I've printed, rather than write cursive, since.

My kids, both in their 30s, also use a keyboard much better than I. Could that be because they've been using computers since pre-school?

Dad went to a country, 1-8, school, got whacked every time he wrote left handed.. he was ambidextrous. Moms handwriting was decent, i prefer to print, easier to read.. think kids are born with keyboards in hand.

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