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March 03, 2017


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had my last mcdonalds burger a decade ago! overpriced small mac that tasted like crap! too many other places for good burgers now!

Totally suck.

The best thing Mickey Ds could do is bring back the old hand cut, hand peeled, made in the store french fires. Get rid of the machine made abominations they now feature.

And I hope they don't get rid of the real chicken breast sandwiches (they can dump the chopped, reformed patties). The sandwiches made with real slabs of chicken breast are about the only reason to go into McDonald's these days.

Joel: I have been ordering egg and cheese burgers, not on the menu but they are happy to throw it together for me. good change of pace. throw on some tomato and onion, very tasty.

Gent, the only problem is that even with egg and cheese, it's still that horrible Mickey D's meat. I don't know what they do to their meat, but they should stop.

I used to get a burger with a fried egg, a slab of Tillamook swiss, and apple cured bacon at McMinniman's. That was a tasty burger.

joel, my favorite mcmenimens burger has always been the capt neon, bacon and blue cheese!

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