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March 20, 2017


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Look at that sick moronic piece of S***

Tom: Cheney or Jr or both?

Where? I don't see drumpf there.

Wasn't it Rumsfeld who predicted American soldiers would be greeted with cheers and a parade in Iraq? And him or Paul Wolfowitz who estimated a war/invasion wouldn't cost anymore than two or three billion dollars tops and could be paid for with Iraqi oil revenues? Wow, talk about selling the gullible American public a pile of ...
What's the latest 2017 tab on George and Dick's Big Adventure?

who is junior? WE WERE ATTACKED! not since pearl harbor! you wanted him to play Obama golf?

W is going down in the annals of history as one of the best President's this Country has ever had. Right up there with President Reagan and PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

john, are you really going to criticize obama for playing golf while your little puke, the donnie, hits the course at a rate far outpacing obama. donnie, once every six days. obama once every nine days.

That would be the same donnie who has been out of DC for more than a quarter of his 60 some odd (very odd) days. The same donnie who, every time he criticized obama for traveling, promised that he was going to stay in the White House virtually all of the time. The same donnie who has the leaders of Palm Beach, Fla., totally pissed off because every time he comes to town it costs the city three million bucks. The same donnie who costs NYC a million bucks a day to guard his wife who won't live in the White House. And the same donnie whose travel expenses in the first month equaled what obama spent in a year.

Of course, the donnie also promised that there'd be so much winning that we'd be tired of all of the winning. Yet, he hasn't won a thing.

But, obama does thank him for immediately making him only the second worst president in history,

Poor poor Joel who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome...

Sorry, lance, it's just that I can't stand liars...especially liars that try to pass off simple, meaningless prevarications as the truth. You know, things like obama wiretapped drumpf dower, hillary got five million illegal votes, I had a record-sized crowd at my inauguration, thousands and thousands of celebrating muslims in New Jersey on 9/11 --and the big one, the one that lasted for five years -- obama wasn't legally qualified to serve as president.

What's even more pathetic is that clowns like you actually support a puke who has been caught in so many filthy lies.

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