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March 22, 2017


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WSJ opinion writer Peggy Noonan has long opposed despicable donnie. It's nice to see the rest of the paper's ultra-conservative editorial page is catching up.

Give it a rest Joel... You sound like john blabbering about the PDX Beaver baseball team that was once in PDX.....

Big difference lance, the Beavers are long gone, but donnie is ruining the country every minute he's allowed to remain in the Oval Office. See how that works? No, you probably can't comprehend it. You are a pathetic trumpturd.

It's funny that libtards like you claim president trump is ruining the country but can never provide any evidence....

Really lance? How about the fine job the donnie did on repealing and replacing obamacare. I also love the great job he's done on getting that infrastructure plan going. And how about all of the jobs he's created.

don the con is a loser, pure and simple. He hasn't won once in his first two months...the period when other presidents have all had their honeymoons. But donnie is so stupid he can't even figure out how to run the government, he can't even figure out how to be on friendly terms with our allies.

It's no wonder his net worth has declined by a billion dollars in the past year. Of course, that only makes sense...he didn't file for bankruptcy.His only income in the past year came from not paying his subcontractors.

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