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March 16, 2017


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When TV's were worth repairing. Notice the Hood is up! Now you know what direction cars are going.

Looks like our basement when I was growing up!

It's likely a bad 6BQ6.

back when people kept things and had them repaired! not like todays throw away junk! sad....

You know john, I wish I had a time machine. I'd put you in it and send you back 60 years and you'd be so much happier.

But, you know, times change. You get way more TV for the money than you did 60 years ago. I remember when my folks bit the bullet and spent several hundred dollars on a 21 inch, black and white console TV. It broke down at least a couple of times a year and had to go into the shop. We'd have to get along without the TV for at least a week.

Now, when the TV crashes, you just go out and buy another one, a better one. Plus, you probably have another TV or two sitting around the house you can watch.

The TV sitting right behind me in my office I bought 15 years ago, and it still works just fine (other than the edges of the picture being cut off because it's an old 4:3). So, I've paid an average of $18.60 a year for it.

thanks joel, I wish I had one too! about 30 years would be just right!

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