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March 18, 2017


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Not enough $$$ anymore for nice things in Stumpville! You've got to take care of, and clean up after all the homeless bums you folks have! I was born and raised in Portland and now I don't even consider visiting there! It's turned into an "It's all crap now!" town!

Hey Pat, I live to the south of Portland and I never visit there.

Its obviously awaiting the wrecking ball, as soon as another wealthy developer can scoop up their usual giant 'subsidy' from the cash-strapped city of Portland to build another ugly monstrous tower that will choke the remaining life and livability out of that neighborhood...

because today people don't care about quality or history! they file into cheap junky theaters and see cheap junky movies! and at top dollar prices! too bad!

No ADA compliant bathrooms. The bathrooms are being use for a business next door. The fate of The Guild does not look good.

The building is being rehabbed this summer and is not going anywhere.

Sadly, no plans for reopening the theater though.

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