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March 26, 2017


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The whole bunch needs booted.

For what? Trumped up (no pun intended) charges of Russian connections? You democrats have not been this upset since Lincoln took your slaves away.

should have years ago! but not needed anymore since jan 20th of 2017

Jann J shows her intelligence. roberto and john show their stupidity.

Fine roberto, toss the russian collusion charges, how about everything else the liar-in-chief has been up to over the past two months. The jerk can't tell the truth, Isn't that just a great quality ti have in a leader. Somedays as many as 20+ verifiable lies. Pathetic.

john, there has never been a time when we needed to be rid of a president as great as it is now. Like healthcare, you loons talked about impeaching obama for years, and could never get the job done. Admit it. You are a member of the Ineffective Party. It makes me sad to admit that I was ever a Republican.

I'm sure that my grandfather, who was a lifelong Republican operative, is spinning in his vault. He worked for the Republican Party because it was the party that supported small business -- the backbone of our country then and now. But, today the GOP has become the party of millionaires. Keep supporting it john, just know Republicans don't have your best interests at heart and you'll never become mega-wealthy...espeeically so long as drumpf is in the Oval Office.

Our ineffective party has taken the majority in nearly all the governor's mansions and state houses across the country as well as the Senate and House in DC. How is that "ineffective"?

Obama and Clinton were truthful...... LOL!!!! Trump won by a majority... Get over it.

Because roberto, your ineffective party holds the statehouses in the little states.

For instance. California has almost one of every eight American citizens, but only one governor and two legislative chambers. North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska are home to one of fifty Americans, yet they have four governors and seven legislative chambers.

They don't call that great red expanse in the middle of the nation flyover country without reason. It's because so few people live there that few people have any reason to land there.

Don the Con lost by 3 million.

What about our holding the Both Houses in Congress in DC. Flyoer?

How's life there at Delusions 'R' Us, lance?

No one -- and I mean NO ONE -- has a record of lying like dumb donnie. During his first 68 days, on several days he has racked up 20+ verifiable falsehoods told.

You voted for the liar, Live with it.

I feel sorry for you libtards who can't get a grasp on reality....
President Trump won 2623 counties vs HRC who only one 489 counties. Plus Trump won the Electoral Vote... I will sit back and reap the rewards of our country becoming a great and prosperous again. Along with the enjoyment of watching the libtards heads explode on a daily basis.....

eastside kid, no he won by at least 3 million! even after 8 years of Obama, thank God we do not count votes by dead people or illegal aliens! not yet anyways!

Majorities in both chambers of Congress only count if:

1) You can use them effectively. don the con can't. And,
2) If you can keep them in the next election. the donnie's House majority is threatened because he hasn't been able to deliver on all of the things he promised he would do immediately.

In his two and a half months, he still hasn't proposed anything to bring jobs back, nor has he proposed anything about dealing with the infrastructure. His, clearly Unconstitutional muslim ban is still tied up in the courts (where it will remain tied up), and his repeal and replace of obamacare turned out to be a silly joke.

Even Republicans are starting to turn their backs on dumb donnie. His Gorsuch nomination is now considered to be in trouble, even if McConnell pushes the nuclear button.

Good luck.


I'm an American, I could care less about party loyalty. Trump is a destroyer, clueless about issues as we can clearly see vividly after trying to screw 23 million out of health care. Very bad news for America and how the world views us.

"...and how the world views us." I couldn't care less.

lance...I'm sure you haven't a clue about how stupid you sound with your dumb donnie won a whole lot more counties argument.

California has almost one-eighth of the US adult population spread across 58 counties. New York has six percent of adults and 66 counties. Oregon has one and a quarter percent of the adult US population and 36 counties. A total of 19.5 percent of the population but just 160 counties.

But, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota have just two percent of the US adult population spread across 317 counties. In other words, a county here does not equal a county there.

It is patently absurd to say donnie won more counties. What makes more sense -- although it won't make you snowflakes feel nearly so special -- is wins by Congressional District. CDs are essentially the same size and in that race, the donnie won 230, while the hillary won 205.

And, john, are you really going to buy into the lies told by dumb donnie and spicy. the hillary won by three million votes and the lie told by drumpf and his minions is flat out stupid.

joel, the funny thing is, all during his campaign people just laughed and said he had zero chance of winning? all the rigged polls showed Hillary by at least 10%???? lol who is laughing now? it wasn't even supposed to be close they said, even with the 5 to 7 million illegals and dead people voting! lol! I guess in 2020 in order to be him, they will need 10 or 12 million? lol!

Enjoy your delusions, john. They'll soon be all you have. But, you'll have one heckuva good time reliving when the Beavers were in Multnomah Stadium. It'll be just like 1957 all over again.

Joel I understand that facts are foreign to libtards like you suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. But it is a proven fact that President Trump won all of those counties... I feel sorry for you.

You just don't get it, do you lance?

I showed you very cleasrly why dumb donnie winning all those counties means absolutely nothing, how states like the tiny North & South Dalota, Kansas and Nebraska have way more counties than the much larger California and New York. But, you, in your little-brained world, think winning more counties actually means something.

Dang. But you are about as stupid as they come.

Why don't you do the world a favor and move to the arctic and while you're there, hop an outgoing ice flow.

joel I don't have delusions, I have memories! and they were great!

john, you clearly have delusions. For instance, you think dumb donnie is honest.

well joel at least he is American! and how can he be dumb? he is our president! and is FOR America! he got my vote and will in 2020!

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