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April 08, 2017


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I just missed seeing him pitch! thanks mr. stump, but you know what this photo will do to zippys and joels and lances an ugs blood pressure? lol!

John: I was there and it was awesome

Satchel Paige was signed by the Beavers for 19 days late in the season of 1961. He had pitched in 83 games for other teams earlier that season. He came to Portland to stave off the team's bankruptcy. His brief stint in Portland was pure PR.

Paige pitched 25 innings and gave up 18 earned runs in those 19 days. The W-L record for Paige's games was one and four.

And john, you might want to check out this article: http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/index.ssf/2015/06/its_official_portland_is_one_o.html

Portland ranks number 268 on the list of the best (and worst) baseball cities in America. Maybe if you read the article you'll understand why the Beavers failed.

Had no idea he was signed by The Beavers

the beavers did not fail! they were tossed out like old socks!

Keep dreaming john. Hardly anyone was attending Beaver games for years. They lied about attendance, they gave away tickets just to put warm butts on the seats.

If you'd read the citation I posted, you'd know that Portland is, was and always will be a horrible baseball town. Not so soccer.

You may not like it, but all of your whining isn't going to bring the Beavers back...EVER.

yes joel you are probably correct! but its all I have except for the memories and photos, and it makes me feel better!

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