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April 06, 2017


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Could someone please explain why he was popular? Never could stand his brand of "humor."

r.i.p. crapgame! you were a blast to watch!

Live in a showroom he was a comedic genius. No two shows were the same. He played each crowd different. Don was also a very good actor in films.

Take notice people !!! Joel didn't like Don Rickles so no one can!! Rickles was comedy royalty.

well joel, I am not surprised! he is not your Saturday night live junk!

So Joel is the one "under the rock"?

Did I say that no one can like him? Nope, never said anything like that lance. I realize that it takes all kinds to make up a world. For instance, there're lunatics like you and john who keep supporting don the con, despite the fact that he's a proven liar, despite the fact that the only promise he's kept in his first two and a half months is appointing gorsuch. 98,000 jobs last month, one heckuva jobs program. He can't even get started on his wall (and won't).

I just don't happen to care for Rickles brand of humor and I doubt I would like him in a room either. There have been other "comedians" come along whose schtick was tossing insults, I didn't like them either. I like the current comedians who make you think, Louis CK, Anjelah Johnson, Jodi Miller, Natasha Leggero, Jimmy Kimmel.

Of course, john doesn't like SNL. They've taken his hero, dumb donnie, to the woodshed on a weekly basis. I suppose he really liked SNL when obama was the butt of many jokes every week. deplorable donnie supporters are that way. Attack donnie and his minions...BAD. Attack anyone donnie doesn't like...GOOD. Poor, pathetic asswipes.

joel, snl loved and praised Obama! he was their messiah! though I never watched it, It made the news just as it does today! very sad it should be what it is now! it should be removed from the tv! maybe show re-runs of the good shows up until about 1985!

Joel is "triggered"......

john, you apparently weren't paying attention. For one thing, praising someone -- even the president -- doesn't make for much humor. But, then you sad trumpturds can't stand anyone pointing out that your hero lies like a carpet. dumb donnie lies much more than obama ever did and obama lied too much.

It's sad that you trumpturds are all humor impaired. Just stick with faux news john, you can enjoy their lies so much more than the humor on SNL.

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