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May 17, 2017


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Dave! How could the best Anchor ever be on MSNBC of all news outlets. They are not even anything but loaded to the WAY to the left! Unless you turn your real brain off. Why would you say that. You constantly complain (as you should, how left politicians have messed up Oregon and then you say that?
I'm having trouble with your thought of "why things are why they are", of which 'is' there, when you say that!
The Left is CLEARLY" why things are the way they are". And MSNBC is known to be ALL about that.
Who's been in charge for the last 40+ years! And isn't it an interesting thing that everybody "STOMPS" on the right who have a credible track record of caving into to left, even when in power!! I wrote in total respectfulness Dave. I'm "NOT" on the right, but I'm not on the left.
I see the obvious. And thought you did also. Please explain. I love the STUMPBLOGGER, but this is an important issue with me that has nothing to do with Radio History.

His presentation on camera is big league, he asks questions that the big 3 would never come with , like Brokaw he does not need a planned script. Give his show a view, you will see what I mean. This has nothing to do with right left or center, he is a great anchor with the confidence of the great ones that were on before him.

NOT! Does not present both sides of issues--very critical of anyone from the GOP. Was good for West Wing--but not general news.
Lester Holt was good when he first took over for Brian Williams, but now we We like Eamon Javers of CNBC.

MSNBC apparently doesn't agree with you, Dave. His contract expires in about a month and the network hasn't made any overtures about renewing it. Even being number two on the network that consistently sucks the hind teet isn't worth much.

And, I have seen his show and I can't agree with your review. More often than not he just seems PO'd. Nope. He isn't a great anchor. Great anchor's don't let their prejudices show through like o'donnell does. There's no way he should be put in the same basket with Brokaw.

I agree

MSNBC ????? LMAO !!! Stump, you shouldn't drink and then blog drunk.

Geoff Thompson you need to ketchup on the facts before you criticize the Stumpman for stating his opinion, which i happen to agree with. how can you catch up? by browsing the web on a regular basis and taking mental notes of various changes in the industry, such as MSNBC having been gradually moving more to the right in becoming more like a Faux news channel. how did i know about that? I explore the net on a regular basis. Larry O'Donnell may not have his contract renewed even though his program is the second highest in ratings on national news, the highest being the Rachel Maddow show. MSNBC has conservative contributors on air on a regular basis: David Frum, Michael Steele,Hugh Hewitt, Steve Schmitt. they have always had Patrick Buchanan as a contributor. I watch Shep Smith on a regular basis. They hired Greta from Faux! I hope this clears things up for you. Probably not.

I agree with Mr. Stump.
Chuck Todd is a close second.

Ranz: right on

Delusional libtards.....

Lance. you're a one trick p(h)ony

And he isn't very good at that one trick.

Lance I liked your snowflake comment, it was more apropos to the user and Mr Nasty. you must have looked in the mirror.

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