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May 29, 2017


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It's just a dui. And his career on the PGA was over two years ago.I'm sure He'll be okay with the hundreds of millions he has in the bank.

Another golf "legend" who never showed much.

What's happened to the greats of golf? The Arnold Palmers? Gary Players? Sam Sneads? Cary Middlecoffs? And Jimmy Demarets?

he threw away what ever career he did have long ago!

Lance, are you as sociopathic in person as you seem to be on this blog?
Just a DUI? tell that to the millions of victims of drunk drivers, living or dead and their families! You always raise the bar to new heights of depravity each time you post, you miserable creep.

UG... Get off of your high horse.... Do you stretch out before patting yourself on the back??? Don't want you to pull a muscle.

Lance, I don't need a high horse to evaluate peoples character deficiencies. if you were paying attention, your posts are the most i respond to because they are outrageously disrespectful to the subject matter and to particular individuals towards whom you seem to have a grudge. even your Trumprixbuddy John has positive things to say from time to time. I would love to have a beer summit with john, because i was an avid Beavos fan and even if Joel and i have differences politically, he always does his homework before he posts something he would be invited.

its too bad. he blew 0.00 alcohol but had four different pain meds in his system including Vicodin. Sorry to read about that, Sad

wow! thanks ug where would you like to go have a beer?

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