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May 26, 2017


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Thanks for posting this. Brings back some great memories from my younger days in Portland. My dad took me to my first hockey game at the glass palace during the Bucks 60 - 61 season. I sure remember Don Head, and Art Jones. Connie Madigan played for the Spokane Comets then and was despised by the Buckaroo fans. Almost every game was a sellout crowd, and general admission was $1.50 (great seats for a 15 year old).

I didn't get to see Madigan as a Buckaroo, as my family moved from Portland in early 1962, before he played for the Bucks.

Pete Ward was seated behind me at a Bucks Game in 1967 after the baseball season ended (no pennant for his White Sox once again that year)and he graciously autographed my hockey program. Many great memories of Buckaroo games. I always felt the Trail Blazers helped run them out of Portland but I know they really didn't. The Western Hockey League was beginning to wobble in the early 1970s and ultimately just couldn't survive. The league never recovered from the NHL expansion of 1967 after losing San Francisco and Los Angeles. No one did more for Portland sports fans than Harry Glickman.

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