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May 20, 2017


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If it wasn't a family owned business he would have been fired long ago. six major bankruptcies, a major fraud indictment and a subsequent $25 million penalty, and losing a billion dollars in net worth in a single year aren't exactly what most businesses are looking for in a CEO. Add to all that his inability to tell the truth and fiduciary responsibility would be gone.

So no, I wouldn't keep him as CEO and I don't recommend that he be kept as CEO of the US government either.

And the Trump Derangement Syndrome continues at epidemic proportions... Poor libtards..... Oh Joel you are clueless when it comes to running a business....


lance, you are clueless when it comes to running a country. Oh, what the Hell? You're clueless when it comes to running YOUR life.

Speaking of deranged. That's your boy dumb donnie.

He's so deranged that he thinks filing for bankruptcy six times is a good business practice. He thinks defrauding thousands of people with a phony university is a good business practice. He thinks a dubious investment in a gaggle of beauty contests so he could go in the backroom and ogle naked teenage girls is a good business practice.

He thinks that discriminating against minorities at company-owned rental properties is a good business practice. He thinks there's no problem with the company being linked to organized crime -- numerous times -- and paying fines for the practice is a dandy business practice. He thinks hiring illegal workers from Poland, paying them sub-standard wages, and forcing them to work long hours is a really fine business practice.

Yeah, lance. Just the type of person you'd want handling your business. Fortunately, you have no investments anyone has to worry about because you have no power over any company.

Joel has gone off the reservation.... LOL!!!!

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