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May 15, 2017


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The building still exists as Clyde's Prime Rib.

A totally different time. When I was a kid we learned, "Eenie Meenie, Minnie, Moe. Catch a (N word) by the toe." Calling another kid the N word was just a silly insult, like calling someone a jerk.

Also, this was a national chain. It wasn't just in Portland. How about L'il Black Sambos restaurant chain. Remember that one, how these restaurants had scenes from the L'il Black Sambo story posted above the counter.

A different time.

Today it's the Prime Rib.

just before my time, but rumor has it they had good food!

Wish it would re-open....

There were four or five of them around the country. One of the former owners of Sunset Fuel Company used to have a room full of memorabilia from the place.

Hmmmmm I bet you would Lance

This is my first observation and probably my last. Lance is a A: Stupid, B: Racist. They go together and you come up with C: Confused.

Poor snowflakes......

And lance is heard from. You know lance, the guy who always pleads the case for grifter donnie, the case that dumb donnie isn't a racist. But, we know.

Joel. I believe it was just named Sambo's not L'll Black Sambo's. I seem to remember something about Sambo's being a combination of the names of the owners.

Learned a new word to go with your lack of comprehension, Lance. I prefer the original definition:


In Missouri in the early 1860s, a 'snowflake' was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery—the implication of the name being that such people valued white people over black people. This use seems not to have endured.


however it has stood the test of time now that your revealing comment about coon chicken inn will revive its significance.

BTW you refer to Snowflakes. your hero sitting his fat ass in the oval office is SNOWFLAKE IN CHIEF, evidenced by thousands of insane tweets.

PS lance, you are pathetic

Your right Pat. I was thinking of L'il Sambo's restaurant in Lincoln City. I'm not sure if the Lincoln City place was ever part of the chain, but as I remember the decor was like the chain stores.

The Sambo's chain was pretty much killed off because of the association with the story. And the restaurants did capitalize on the connection with the decoration.

we have ate at the lil sambos in Lincoln city for decades, they were never connected to the coon chicken inn or the regular sambos, and they still have great food! they are privately owned!

The libtards haven't been this upset since Lincoln abolished slavery...

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