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May 06, 2017


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I grew up here in Portland. It was traditional to have big name entertainers appear for Rose Festival, and play at the Veterans Memorial Colosuem. I'll check with the Rose Festival archive, see what I can find out, and post. Anybody have any photos of the Teenage Fair that used to go on in The basement of the Colosuem during Rose Festival?

Blogger has posted pics of Teenage Fair in past.

Cindy....I remember going to the teen fair. First time I saw Paul Revere and the Raiders. Wow. Must have been in`65. Came home smelling of cigarettes, I didn`t smoke. Parents raised hell bout that. Thought I was on my way to becoming a Juvenile Delinquent. That would come later.

A news article in the 10/15/66 Oregonian details the live show Johnny Carson did at Memorial Coliseum. The article details his guest, and his memories of being stationed at Swan Island as a Navy Ensign during WW 2.
The article does not indicate that this show was broadcast on television, but does mention things they did on break.

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