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May 13, 2017


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Rickshaw Charlies and Canton Grill (still there!)


I also liked Lani Louie's but, I preferred Chinese Village in Montavilla. both offered those Huge Shrimp Egg Rolls I really miss. Don't know who has them nowadays. I understand Chinese Village might be closing soon for another apartment bldg at 82nd and Stark. yippee.

Golden Crown in Beaverton
Hi Hat in Tigard

my parents always went to the canton grill on 82nd, I haven't been there in years if its even still open?

Thanks Stumpy for you question. We lived in Hollywood so we went to the Pagoda on 39/Sandy/Broadway. There was another across the street from the Hollywood Fred Meyer on 41st. West side of FM.
When we went into the "country" we went to the Chinese places on 82nd. A treat for us and we didn`t get out to eat much in the 50`s.

It was the Chinese Village on 82nd Ave. when I lived in Portland, but now it's The Golden Star on Wheaton Way in Bremerton, WA. Trust me on this on! You won't find much better! (IMHO)

China Lantern in Beaverton. A couple of places in Cedar Mill but I don't remember the names.

Canton Grill for take out at least once a month, my Dad would let me come along and Jimmy the manager would always hand me a hershey bar! we always took out enough for a family of seven for about 5-6 bucks. the chowmein and egg foo yung, i still remember the taste to this day. Yes John, they are still there.

Also Canton Grill in mid 1950s. Grandpa sat at the head of the table and the kids got a spoon full of everything. If we ate it all we got a fortune cookie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a metal dish for dessert.

The place in the alley behind Trader
Vics in Hollywood.


Rickshaw Charlies in Chinatown.

The place across the street from the Hollywood Fred Meyer store was the Mandarin; our "go to" place. As a kid I didn't like Chinese food, so I always got salmon. That's right, salmon at a Chinese restaurant. I learned to like Chinese food when I went to college. Eat what was served or starve.

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