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May 07, 2017


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A great theater for those 70mm movies. Too bad its all digital now.

I was there from the start. A few years later in, I think, Spring of 1972, I was driving down 82nd heading for Bazaar with my girl friend when they said on KISN "the first guy to come up to the theater and ask for the tickets would get 2 tickets to the opening of Billy Jack! I pulled right in and drove right up to the DJ and got them! It was my neighborhood Theater since it opened in, I think, 1967 and I saw a ton of cool movie classics begin on that massive 3 times the normal size screen. I remember wishing it looked ornate like the Oriental, but the Screen made up for it.

I never was in the Eastgate, but I spent a ton of time in its twin the Westgate. It was quite the deal, not only twin screens (that eventually became five) but first-run movies in the burbs.

The Westgate closed in 2005 and was torn down in 2006. There's been much talk of what the property would become. Now, more than a decade later, the lot still sits empty.

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