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May 20, 2017


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Morrow's Nut House was one of Mary Pierce's biggest sponsors on her KKEY talk show in the early 1980s. That brief period in KKEY's history had some interesting hosts: John Cole (sort of a Rush Limbaugh forerunner), Rick Miller, Dave Collins, and your friend Roger Hart. There was also an elderly lawyer whose name I forget.

Loved their caramel apples.

My second job. Worked there in `66-67. The amount of money they made on busy days when caramel apples were in season was unbelievable.
A great smell wafting out of the place too when you were on top of the bridge over the ice rink after leaving M&F.

My weakness "CASHEWS! On another Lloyd Center update.....Joe Brown's did not close permanently! Marc Chouinard took the business back when the party he had sold to defaulted. It was only closed for about a month while he updated the equipment. Still the best caramel corn around!

joe cook: YES

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