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May 21, 2017


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Were there ever any of these places in Portland? None that I remember, but then I'm not a fish eater, so.......

Stumpman, I'll go you one better. how many Friar Tuck Chicken are left in the USA?

I'm surprised that Joel did not espouse some great made up tale about this joint....

I see one on Capitol Highway! How many others?

lance, what you don't seem to know is that I cherish the truth, unlike your favorite lying, butt boy dumb donnie.

It is so easy to trigger those with Trump Derangement Syndrome like Joel... Shows how weak these type of people are.

Donald J. Trump is the biggest bust this country has ever experienced. Why not Al Capone? People say to me, he is a business man. He is not a business man, he is a crook and thief along with being a liar. He has no vision for America, only conflict and misery.

dumb donnie's disapproval rating has dropped to 39.6, the lowest point since he began his reign. He is 15.1 percent in the hole. Basically, Americans like very little of what the liar-in-chief offers.

Live with it lance. Your crowd is growing smaller every day. Did you see his landing in Tel Aviv this morning? He was trying to hold melania's hand but she kept slapping him away.

Even melania has had enough of the jerkoff.

joel disapproval ratings? that's a kinda fancy poll right? remember when those polls said he would never be the nominee? remember when those same polls said he could never beat Hillary? yeah those polls were all spot on, right? lol!

john, quit being silly. The polls said crooked hillary would beat despicable donnie in the popular vote. That would be the vote total she won by almost three million ballots. Polls don't predict the Electoral College vote, that's the Electoral College that's a sham and should have been eliminated decades ago.

So, you see the polls were spot on. I know you sad trumpturds don't want to admit it. Hell, you even believe that five million illegal votes were cast...all of them for the hillary.

Just like you refuse to admit that dumb donnie was clearly in collusion with pootie and the russians to steal the election. Did you hear Brennan this morning at the House hearing? Your semi-demi-god trey gowdy tried his darnedest to get Brennan to say he had no evidence of collusion. Brennan finally told gowdy that he had evidence that the russkies had messed with the election and that drumpf campaigners were involved.

Don't worry though, john. No one will try to force you (and lance and the rest of the trumpturds) to admit anything. We'll just continue to laugh at your stupidity.

Really, john. Go back to whining about the Beavers. You've clearly shown that you have no idea of the facts regarding politics.

Now Comey is going behind closed doors to the select committee and will F "T" good. Trump just hired a fat cat attorney. Can you say "President Pence"?

not yet riley, we will say president pence in 2024 after trumps second term!

joel, thanks for turning yet another post into your political rants! I know you are too young to remember arthur treachers but many people including myself liked them!

It is entertaining when the libtards claim the 3 million popular vote win by HRC.... What they leave out is that those 3 million votes came from the 5 boroughs of NYC and the State of California.....

Hardly john, all older white guys didn't support dumb donnie and I'm proof. It's unfortunate that he managed to fool people like you and lance. Even so, your votes mattered for naught here on the west coast...that is unless you think that crooked hillary somehow stole Oregon and the rest of the west right out from under don the con.

Lance, nice to see you learn a new word once in a while. Espouse!. good one.

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