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June 05, 2017


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Harry and Jimmy were a colorful team.

I remember when I was 10 or 12 years old, I saved all of my strawberry picking money to buy a new Jimmy Pearsall fielder's glove for little league. I can still remember the name and number of it to this day! It was a Wilson A-2200. It cost me $24.95 at Ross's Sporting Goods in Hillsboro. I was the talk of the team for about a month until somebody stole it from the handlebars of my Schwinn "Corvette" while I was helping load the gear into our coaches car after a game. It was one of those things that really affected my young life at the time. I was just heartbroken! I know who did it, but had no way of proving it. Two of my team members saw him do it, but naturally he denied it. I realized at that moment that life isn't always fair! Especially when you're young and innocent!

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