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June 20, 2017


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I`ve posted this before.....Glen Campbell was the opening act. Morrison was out of it. Remaining guys put on a good show if you get past the slurred words.

Has anyone ever seen "An Open Letter to my Teenage Son" on CD? I've never seen it but would love to find it somewhere. Great song of the tumultuous times.

You'll find it here.

So, you like chauvinistic, sexist and even a little racist compositions, huh? Fortunately, we've moved ahead in 50 years, but crooked donnie is doing his best to take us back to those good old days of the 19th century.

Joel, your opening sentence is way off base. The song addresses many issues dividing people in 1967, including friction between young people and their parents during the '60s. Did you somehow miss that?


Did you somehow miss "All wars have been bloody, immoral, dirty but if you burn your draft card and aren't willing to put your life on the line, you don't belong here?" Did you miss "your mother will love you no matter what you do because she is a woman?" Did you miss where he put the love of country above the love of his son? Did you miss, "If you decide to burn your draft card, then burn your birth certificate at the same time, from that moment on, I have no son?" And did you miss the music that played behind the entire recitation?

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