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June 02, 2017


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I'm sure that Joel will claim to remember and make a story up about it.... LOL

He doesn't have to... *I* remember Burger Chef! From a long time ago...

What a troll. Do you ever have anything of value to add to the discussion? Or are you just so vacant between your ears that all you can come up with is complete and total bullsh/t?

Actually, @sswipe. I have nothing to say about Burger Chef. I don't remember any of them being on the west side.

So, dumbphuque put a sock in your oversized piehole.I'm thinking its time for a rabinowitz.

joel pleasssssssse no more chuckie! paleeeeeese!

No memory whatsoever of this business. Where was it located and in what decade? Did Burger Chef have more than one metro location?

What about Scotties Burgers,across from the original Tic Talk at Burnside and Sandy? And,Robins Burgers out on 82nd? Any memories of those two places out there?

Cindy: Yes

Scotty's I do remember. It was fading when I first could drive, but it was a hot place to meet the girls when I was in high school. The Tik Tok was occasionally a treat when we were going to visit my grandmother at 39th and Burn.

Like Burger Chef, I know nothing about Robbins. Do I need to start saying when I have nothing to add to the discussion to prevent the troll from posting his BS?

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