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July 06, 2017


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All the appeal of the lunch line in your high school cafeteria.

the kings table in st johns was much better!

Oh man, I remember taking my Gma to this place in the early `70`s. She`d pig out and then steal bread rolls in her purse. I told her to take the meat and leave the bread alone. She told me to shut up b/c she`d been stealing from these places longer than I`d been alive.

My kids loved buffets. But if Joel says they are bad, then by god buffets are bad. Fuck off Joel.

Earl Kelly's on 82nd was the best buffet in Portland

Ah, another mature response from the troll-in-chief. Thanks lance for proving yet again what a complete and total fool you are.

john, I'd agree, the King's Table had much better food than North's. I had meetings at both buffets and North's didn't even compare to King's Table...but it was still a buffet with all of the horrible quality of mass produced food.

What about Obies on 102nd and Powell?

Agreed, Kings Table was better. I grew up in N Portland, and know the area very well, ate there many times. Also dines at Norths..

Obie's opened in 1960 and shutdown I think about 1982, and was located in the Midway shopping center at SE 122nd and Division. The space they occupied was at the Northern end of the shopping center next to Division st.

hi cindy! I remember obies, and also the buffett that was where the dancing bear is now on north interstate, they had all you can eat for 99cents! but I was quite young then! lol!

Obies 99 cent all you can eat. Named for Obie Snow. Obie Snow Jr. Cherry Park grade school and David Douglas HS class of 1972.

And I seem to recall an Obie's on 82nd just North of Division maybe one block.... across 82nd from White Front/Builder's Square.

JD I do not recall that Obie's had a restaurant on 82nd North of Division, but the store across the street was not White Front. The store was Baza'r dept. store, which later became a K Mart store and then Builders Square. White Front store was at Mall 205 in the space that is now Home Depot.

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