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July 04, 2017


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spent many awesome 4th of julys with the beavers, and the fireworks after the games! cue the baseball (Americas pastime!) haters in

I'm with you John in missing the Beavers. Portland is the largest city in the U.S. without major league baseball. I'm not asking for that, Triple A again would be fine for me. It's ridiculous to have to subsist on the scraps of low-level inferior baseball we're fed. Still as we baseball fans know, there's no groundswell of support to return baseball here. There is a group hoping to lure a major league team here through relocation or expansion but if either ever happens is anybody's guess.


To secure a big league team (or even a Triple-A club) Portland would have to build a stadium and the people of Portland aren't likely to foot the bill for a ballpark. That means that it would have to be funded with private -- read corporate -- money and that means Nike. Is Phil Knight ready to fund a major league stadium? Got me.

And john...

I'm not a baseball hater. In fact, of all the major sports baseball is my favorite. I can't stand soccer. I agree with you that it's boring. But in weird Portland, soccer is beloved and baseball gets a sniff. Those are just facts and no amount of complaining is going to change things.

joel I have learned to respect you after many years on stumptown, however till my last dying breath I will say we had a stadium since 1955! it was a baseball stadium! then soccer came so we don't need a new baseball stadium! we need OUR BASEBALL STADIUM BACK!


Multnomah Stadium isn't even a good soccer stadium. It's outdated, dilapidated and run down. My first time in the stadium was in 1954 when MKC ran the dog races there.

My parents met in the stadium in 1946 when my mother went to the dogs with my grandfather to run the bets to the window for my grandfather and his cronies. My dad was a cashier. That makes the stadium at least 71 years old then. But, in fact, it was already 20 years old.

Multnomah Civic Stadium, Portland Civic Stadium, PGE Park, Jeld-Wen Field and Providence Park is coming up on 100 years old. It'll never be a baseball park again.

Sorry, it's a high school football game. All of the baseball pictures I could find were more recent and the stands pretty empty.

joel, can you really blame me if I hope the beavers return? after watching them for 45 years they were a part of my life! and according to google the stadium was built in 1926 so its 91 years old!

My parents met at Multnomah Stadium in 1946 and it was already 20 years old. Yep...that'd be 1926.

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