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July 11, 2017


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Tried it when they opened. It was quite good. I wish they would improve their chips. They were very ordinary. Other than that, it was a great lunch and we have been back. Very busy at 12:30

Few days ago a co-worker mentioned this place to me. I will try it for sure.

Dave: I hope this is a better than Verde Cucina which you touted. It wasn't horrible my any means, but they also had the BEST Mexican food! Which one is it?

Joel will soon chime in and tell everyone this place is terrible. But its actually pretty good. Way better than Shitpotle.

Like this place 100X more than Shitpolte

Actually numbnuts, (otherwise known as lance)...I walk past this place often. It's pretty new. There used to be an Italian place in the space called Strada. If this place is any good -- and is properly financed -- it should last longer than Strada's three or four months.

But, to tell you the truth I'm not a big Mexican food fan, so I have (and will have) no opinion of Costa Vida.

I have tried the place next door called Pizzology and I won't go back there. The pizzas are made with a paper thin crust that tastes pretty much like a saltine. Maybe that's why it's generally empty.

We do know that you have never eaten at Costa Vida, numb. It's a Mexican place and we all know that as a trumpturd you wouldn't "lower" yourself to dining Mexican.

But, thanks for being an @sshole, Stumptown wouldn't be the same without your drivel.

Come on all of you experts of Mexican cuisine. what is the question here? how hard is it to put together a dish of rice, cheese and beans salsa and chips and a Margarita to wash it all down. Portlanders are compelled to analyze every aspect of the cuisine offered in this city..there is no lack of mexican cuisine so have at it. the city of Portland, the city of my birth has become one bastion of faux elitism that makes me want to puke. sure i long for the old days. id like be able to buy donuts from the excell donut shop on 82nd that was making donuts just like krispi cream does now. i would love to see a beavers game again in a bonified AAA or better stadium. soccer has always been a symbol to me of unfilled gratification. i really dont care about it. what do these folks think about walking away from a 0 - 0 tie boring. thanks for letting me spout

See that bench in the foreground of the picture? I've sat on that bench. I walk past this place all the time. I say walk past because I'm not a Mexican food fan so I've never been in and have no opinion about it. Sorry, lance. You're an @sshole whiner and a pitiful troll.

They started in Salt Lake. Great fresh Mex food. Nice review

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