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July 21, 2017


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Joseph Goebells was my third uncle from my mothers side of the family! He was related to the Sendalbach bloodline and my mother's mother (my Grandmother) was Caroline Sendelbach. Her sister,.. Ida Sendelbach, (my Great Aunt) is buried up at the Skyline Cemetary! (De Furor vould be veddy prout oof me!) Yah right! Even my Grandmother called him a useless paperhanging Son of a b***ch!!!

I am interested in what a "third uncle" is. Was he one of three uncles? What was Goebbels relationship to your maternal Grandmother? Just curious I like to dabble in genealogy.

Tom. I'm guessing from my research that he was like a great-great grand uncle or something like that? All I know is that I got this info from my Aunt Margaret (my mother's sister) about 15 years ago. I researched the name of Sendelbach and chased it back, and sure enough!.. There was Joseph Goebells!.. Related to that line of the family! Feel free to pursue this endeavor, Tom. Maybe you can do better than what I did. I'm not an expert at chasing geneology.

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