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July 26, 2017


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They keep noticing a muffled cheer coming from Buchanan's grave. The cheer started on November 8 of last year and became more pronounced on January 20.

Amazon would never sell a book about Obama being the worst President in history...

Trump makes ol Buck look like Lincoln

C'mon Emanuel, weren't you listening the other night when drumpf said he was second only to Lincoln. You know, better than Washington, Jefferson, FDR, and Reagan?

Hey lance, you putz, there has been no book written about obama being the worst president and there never will be. crooked donnie claimed that title at noon on January 20.

Lance once again what stumps point was not Obamas performance as potus went right over your head. you are a total idiot and a sloppy second asshole. sloppy second to your beloved asshole occupant of a real presidential residence. slither back to your nest of fellow maggots

You know damn well things are not good when the Boy Scouts of America apologizes for his actions. The President of the frigging United States. So very sad what this jerk is doing to our country. The world is laughing at us, the hillbilly nation.


A masterful job of putting the putz in his place. It's a pity that he won't understand a word of what you wrote.

My investments in the market are way up since President Trump won the election in an electoral landslide over Pant Suit Hillary and the libtards.... You chumps wouldn't understand that the markets are way up, since you libtards don't have a pot to piss in or a window to toss it out of...

Right lance. You probably missed that the stock market has been way up for years. But, that's probably because your so-called investments are all in your imagination.

The DJIA (which isn't even a good indicator of the market, but the one you rubes seem to enjoy most) bottomed out around 6600 points in early March of 2009. From that point, it increased more than 13,000 points in obama's eight years.

So, don't be getting so excited that you soil yourself. If you actually had any investments, you'd know that they have been increasing for pretty much the past eight years. Remember, don the con has no relationship with the truth, believing everything that his White House tries to tell you is folly.

Lance, you can brag all you need to salve your crippling insecurity as a limited human being. in a contest between your hero and the American people, the public, in the immortal words of Charlie Sheen is.... ..."WINNING"!!

Gent, Joel, i love you guys.. Emanuel, you, too. Lance shouldve been flushed, dad beaten, mom slapped silly, rather than ignorant. Throw the bath water, not the "baby"...


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