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July 14, 2017


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saw him in 1986 and a few years ago at the edgefield, always a great show!

There comes a time when selfies should never land on Instagram. What's amazing is that Lewis is scheduled to play Edgefield next month.

Looks like Parkinson's or a stroke.

Joel has spoken!!! No one is to enjoy the Huey Lewis and The News show at the sold out Edgefield per Joel.... What a sad pathetic lonely life you have Joel.... I feel sorry for you.

lance the troll has trolled, everyone may laugh AT the mook, not WITH him.

It's too bad that he's lost whatever little reading comprehension ability he ever had. He seems to think I said no one should go to see Lewis at Edgefield. Maybe he's seeing things. What a poor, pathetic POS he truly is.

lance, your facilities have deteriorated to the point that it's time you took a ride on an outbound ice flow. Bye bye, lance. We'd like to say it's been good to know you, but it's actually been an ordeal.

Hey Lance.....do us a favor and give it a rest will you? Either that or get a room. Thanks

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