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August 10, 2017


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lol! don't forget refer madness! the best of all!

Great times and great stories about the 104th. My girlfriend at the time, DB (She's the Cleveland grad Dave), and I used to go to the 104th two or three times a month. They didn't have a crew of geeky guys who came around shining flashlights in your car and knocking on the windows if they caught you doing something they didn't approve.

One time we doubled with DB's friend Connie and her boyfriend, the plumber's son. Things were heating up in the back seat and suddenly Connie had to go to the ladies' room and DB had to go with her.

In the rest room, Connie was really upset and told DB that her boyfriend had "tried to stick it in her." DB naturally thought that the BF had tried to screw naive Connie. But, as it turned out, the boyfriend had tried to stick his tongue in Connie's mouth. Connie was so naive that she didn't realize that was a perfectly acceptable thing to do, even for teenagers.

It ruined the evening though for me and DB. Swapping spit was about as far as things went that night.

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