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August 06, 2017


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wish we still had him instead of that idiot merit Paulson! he knew how to fill the seats! sad times now, 7 worthless boring years of soccer instead of Americas pastime!

Does anyone know what's become of Hersh. As a kind of junior version of Bill Veeck, he understood that sports is entertainment and had to be more than just the game, but even that didn't work for Beaver Baseball.

Last I knew he was running a small promotion company called C-Level Sport out of his LO home and promoting PSU sports, but that's been several years ago.

google says he is connected with the Portland state Vikings in 2014 if he would never have stepped down, from the beavers..... we would have have the debacle that are the timbers!

john, the Beavers were failing even when Hersh owned the team. Why do you think he needed a cash infusion from Tonkin and Goodman?

every major sports team needs investors! starting with the outfield billboards!, as I said if he would have never left, then idiot Paulson would have got some other city a soccer team!

I was sitting in the outfield bleachers about 1981 when Dave asked a fan for a sip of his beer and proceeded to guzzle it. Everyone loved it. He was great.

david Johnston, how odd I can remember that! he got a big roar from the crowd! I expect he bought a new 1.75 beer for the fan though! good times!

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