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August 08, 2017


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Wheeler panders again.....

Mistake. Last time we brought in a Californian it was a disaster. Remember Mark Kroeker? He was here four tumultuous years before beig forced to resign under pressure. Had no connection to Portland, didnt understand it, chose to ignore its history and employed a style and tactics out of place in this region. This looks like it will unfold the same way. Enjoy the honeymoon, Danielle but as any recent chief can tell you it doesnt end well.

Right lance, he didn't hire an aging white guy with a big beer gut. You know, someone like your hero dumb donnie. Could you be any more of an @sshole?

RANZ...you forget Bruce Baker who was the very successful Portland chief from 1974 to 1981. He also came to Portland from Oakland.

hey lance, got misogyny?

No UG.... Put the libtard playbook down for a moment.... That idiot no spine Wheeler made the PC choice rather than the experience choice....

Lance, I have a parish priest who performs exorcisms. I think he needs to pay you a visit.

JOEL not so fast -- if you'll remember Chief Baker left amid multiple scandals and corruption cases within the bureau. Most notable being 17 narcotics division officers being removed and half of those convicted on embezzlement, evidence tampering and more. The result was 50+ cases being tainted. This was all going on under his nose. Not what most would consider successful....

So RANZ, the chiefs appointed from within the Bureau were all so fine. Like the current chief, who made it for all of a year before being run out. Or how about Penny Harrington who made such a mess of the Bureau that the mayor had to appoint a special review panel that eventually recommended her ouster.

Where do you think Portland should get its chiefs of police? Do you just not like Californians? Would someone from Chicago be okay?

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