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October 08, 2017


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well, I call it a travesty now! a shadow of its former greatness! what a shame but we still have the good memories! Multnomah, civic, or pge park! all good names from better times!

Me too.

I saw the All Stars play the Angels in that Stadium when I was about ten. Would have been '64. Anyone else remember that game?

I don't know what you mean by a travesty john. It is what it is, an almost century-old facility that outlived its usefulness years ago. Portland has had numerous opportunities to build an updated stadium to attract the bigs (Delta Dome)or for smaller teams. Every time, the people have turned them down.

And, yes, Roberto, I remember to time or two every summer when an MLB team would come to town. Mom and Dad would load us into the old Dodge and we'd head to the stadium. Good times.

back around 1967 I saw the Oakland raiders play the kansas city chiefs.

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